Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Pig Pottery

The MAC's own Jean Ann Bolliger's 
Little Pig Pottery

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Jean Ann Bolliger

It was a 20 cubic foot gas kiln that snared me--one that was approaching 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. It was in September 1997 when I rounded the corner of the Jean Ann Bolligerdarkened kiln room. I realized also that the low rumbling I had heard all morning came from that kiln.

There on the floor I saw Will, my first ceramic instructor, on his knees in front of the kiln, peering into one of its flaming peep holes with welders goggles. I found the site to be too much. I turned and scuttled back to my disappointing first pinch pots.

It was from that moment I was hooked. I spent all free time in that studio working the clay and learning about glazes and firing as much as allowed. I returned to school to earn my second Bachelors--fine arts ceramic studio. I am also pleased to say you can now find me on my knees in front of similar excited and flaming kilns.
Little Pig

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