Monday, June 27, 2011

MAC Bonsai Workshop

The Art of Bonsai!
Bonsai Instructor Dave Radlinski assisting MAC students. 

Saturday June 25, the MAC hosted it's first Bonsai Tree Workshop taught by members of the Greater Cincinnati Bonsai Society. Learning on their own tree, students were introduced to the art of Bonsai. This workshop was the perfect compliment to the 7th Annual MAC Garden Tour that was happening the same weekend. 

Fun Bonsai Facts:
The word bonsai is derived from two Chinese characters, meaning a tree planted in a shallow container. The word is pronounced "bone-sigh".

Bonsai is an art form that is composed partly of horticulture and partly three-dimensional design. To qualify as a bonsai, the growing miniature tree must be both a representation of nature and creative expression.

Bonsai can be a philosophical experience, a means for feeling the spiritual harmony between man and nature.

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